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Two springs have force constants kA and kB = 2kA. The four ends of the springs are stretched by the An ideal spring with spring constant k is hung from the ceiling and a block of mass M is attached to Two blocks M_1 and M_2 having equal mass are free to move on a horizontal frictionless surface. M_2 Two massive particles of masses M. Two identical springs of spring constant k are attached to a block of mass m and to fixed supports as shown in figure . Show that when the mass is dis asked Sep 21, 2019 in Physics by DikshaKashyap ( 40.6k points).

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A block (B) is attached to two unstretched springs S 1 and S 2 with spring constants k and 4k, respectively (see fig. I). The other ends are attached to identical supports M 1 and M 2 not attached to the walls. The springs and supports have negligible mass. There is no friction anywhere. The block B is displaced towards wall 1 by a small.

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